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MARCH: Mahlers 5th. with students from Barratt Due and Norwegian Academy of Music

Minh Thien Nguyen participates in the student symphony orchestra for Barratt Due Institute of Music and Norwegian Academy of Music.

MARCH: Mentor program for PR and concert marketing

Consultant Nina Koren, based in Hanoi, is working with key personnel from Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra.

FEBRUARY: Forsvarsministerens Festkonsert 09.02

Praise for MIC Transposition from the Norwegian Minister of Defence, Espen Barth Eide.

FEBRUARY: Marinemusikkens Festkonsert 10.02

Ludvig Gudim and Do Phuong Nhi take part in Marinemusikkens Festkonsert, together with Kongelige norske marines musikkorps “marinemusikken”.

Do Phuong Nhi.


Enjoy the two young violinists Ludvig Gudim (12) and Do Phuong Nhi (13) participating in Statoil New Year’s Concert in Olavshallen, Trondheim together with the TrondheimSoloists on 20.01.


FEBRUARY: 03.02 Barratt Due’s Symphony Orchestra

Minh and Nhi are both taking part in the Barratt Due Symphony Orchestra concert in Aulaen, Oslo.

JANUARY: 5 musicians from Ho Chi Minh City to Norway

Forsvarets Musikk continue their strong involvment with the wind- and horn players from Ho Chi Minh City. 5 musicians are now in Norway for 5 weeks of training and concerts.