In addition to staff and students from the partner institutions in Norway and Vietnam, several musicians, composers, conductors and scholars have contributed to Transposition.

Anna Einarsson, mezzo soprano
Bernhard Wulff, artistic leader for the Cracking Bamboo
Bjarne Kvinnsland, composer
Daniel Gazon, conductor
David Stockhammer, advisor/viola player
Dimitris Kostopoulos, pianist
Florent Jodelet, percussionist
Frans Rasmussen, conductor
Halldis Rønning, conductor
Jonathan Stockhammer, conductor
Kim Ngoc Tran, composer
Kjell Skyllstad, advisor/professor in musicology
Magnus Andersson, guitarist
Paul Arlidge, language teacher
Per Magnus Lindborg, composer
Pierre-André Valade, conductor
Rohan de Saram, cellist
Rolf Lennart Stensø, percussionist
Rolf Wallin, composer
Siri Torjesen, soprano
SISU Percussion Ensemble
Stephan Barratt-Due, violinist
Stig Nilsson, violinist
Thomas Rimul, conductor
Tine Thing Helseth, trumpeter
Ton That Tiet, composer
Tran Quang Hai, advisor/professor in ethno-musicology
Trond Korsgård, conductor
Vu Nhat Tan, composer