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”Transposition” is a concept from the field of music. It means taking something, like a melody, and transfer it to a different place – a melody could be transposed from one key to another. In our programme, transposition is a metaphor, as both knowledge and musical experiences are transferred between cultures and different parts of the world.

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JAN-JUNE (Oslo): Final semester at the Barratt Due for Minh

Nguyen Thien Minh (violin) has embarked on his second semester of the last year as a bachelor student at the Barratt Due Institute of Music. In addition to his studies, lessons and lectures, this project includes the following activities: Student recital by Minh on 16.01 Participation in Barratt Dues Symphony Orchestra Concert 01.02 at Oslo […]

Arts management symposium in Hanoi.

Arts management symposium in Hanoi.


MARCH (Hanoi): Arts Management Symposium

A 2-year program in capacity building for arts managers and directors in Vietnam, initiated by Transposition, and run in cooperation with the DeVos Institute of Management, had its first seminar 18 March 2014. The first seminar is covering the following themes: Artistic Planning Introduction to Fundraising Introduction to Strategic Planning The program is unique in […]


MARCH (Hanoi): Friendship Concert with royal guests of honour

During their official visit to Vietnam, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit will attend a friendship concert in Hanoi for invited guests Wednesday 19 March in the Hanoi Opera House. The audience will experience the following programme: Welcome speech by the Norwegian Ambassador Ståle Torstein Risa J.S.Bach: Concerto […]


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