This is Minh

This week, Barratt Due was visited by two young Vietnamese violinists, as part of Transposition program. It is the second time they are in Norway to teaching. One of them is Nguyen Thien Minh.

Those of you who remember the Voksenåsen Geir Johnson’s exciting story about Minh. Short recounted, he is 17 years and in addition to studying at the Academy in Hanoi, he is head of Rhapsody Philharmonic, a young ensemble that plays music in the borderland between art music, pop and Vietnamese folk music. Without money they sneak into rehersals between set-up at the Academy. They held a big concert at the Opera House in Hanoi last fall. They gave away nearly all the tickets to friends and on the street, filled the hall and was  later able to finance everything with businessponsorer for the entire concert.

See Rhapsody Philharmonic play

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